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Pure Pleasure - Emerging

Dorothy Tovar

Pure Pleasure, A division of Adrenaline Sports Inc. is an emerging line of naughty t-shirts designed by local Sacramento resident, Dorothy Tovar. In 1997, Dorothy started working for Adrenaline Sports as a Sales Rep. She bought into the company in the beginning of 1998 becoming one of three partners. In 2001 the company changed directions, and she started getting more involved with the new collections. She got so involved that she started designing and creating a new t-shirt line, Pure Pleasure. She started by painting naughty captions onto old t-shirts. Once she started, she couldn't stop. Ideas kept pouring in her mind like water. Dorothy was on a big time roll.

When Dorothy finished creating the naughty captions for the t-shirts, she went searching for a screen printer to finish her work. It wasn't easy in the beginning, because she had trouble finding a company that was familiar with the process she was looking for. At the time it was a very new process. The process is a High Density Ink topped with Crystalline Glitter. She traveled back and forth from Sacramento to Los Angeles and San Diego to find a screen printer. When she did find one, they would refuse to do her work due to the naughty captions on the t-shirts. Companies found it offensive and didn't think the shirts would sell. It took Dorothy a year before she could find someone that was BOTH familiar with the process and willing to take the order.

Belief and passion is what kept Dorothy going. She new she had something that would sell to a niche market. It was just a matter of time. After a year and a half of searching, she finally found a screen printing company that would work with her. Dorothy made her first sale to a local Sacramento boutique called Krazy Mary's, and she has been on a roll ever since.

The motto for Pure Pleasure is, "If you don't want to get noticed, don't wear it!" With captions such as "Camel Toe" your bound to get noticed. The t-shirts definitely make a great conversation piece. Every couple of months Dorothy introduces new pieces to the line. People, music and old movies heavily inspire the naughty captions. Every naughty caption has a story and meaning behind it. Dorothy feels that the t-shirts are empowering for women. A perfect example is the t-shirt with the caption, "Blue Balls are a boys problem!" Dorothy says, "Most women are pressured by men to have sex, blaming their guy problems on the women. Sexually speaking, we don't always have to say it, we can just wear it to get our point across."

A few local retailers in Sacramento that carry Pure Pleasure include, Clothing Illusions, Franco Ferrini, Krazy Mary's and the Sugar Shack. In Las Vegas you can find the naughty t-shirts at the PALMS Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas Club Wear, and Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino. Just to name a few. What can be more naughty than finding the shirts at Hustler Hollywood (Hollywood, Ohio, and San Diego)? You can also go online at . Pure Pleasure can be found in over 20 locations in four different states. It's an emerging line that is bound to go nationwide.

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